Fire TV Stick to Sonos Amp HDMI ARC - Can't Control Volume

  • 1 December 2022
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I have a Fire TV Stick 4K plugged into my Optoma UHZ50 HDMI Port (2). I’m running an HDMI cable from the Projector’s HDMI ARC to the Sonos Amp. Everything sounds great, except the volume +/- buttons on the Fire TV Stick Remote control do not work. The mute button does, curiously, but the +/- do not. I’ve tried messing with the Fire TV Stick “Equipment Management” options to no avail. 

Is anyone else running a Fire TV Stick with an HDMI-ARC to a Sonos Amp and able to control volume with the remote? 


FWIW, I also have an AppleTV plugged into HDMI 3 and it works just fine, I just needed to select the appropriate speakers in the AppleTV Audio menu. I don’t have a similar option in the Fire TV settings.


What’s bugging me is the mute button works, but the volume +/- do not.


Any thoughts? 


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Hi @Jorge B 

Thanks for your post!

Unfortunately, the Fire Stick remote has no infrared ability, which we otherwise could have used to bypass this HDMI-CEC issue.

If you are selecting the Amp’s room name in the AirPlay menu of the Apple TV, then the audio (and volume control) is bypassing the projector and therefore CEC completely, which might be why the remote works. If you are selecting TV Speakers/Receiver (or similar) in the Apple TV menu, then it seems the Fire Stick is the source of the problem - it may be worth reporting it to Amazon.

Have you tried unplugging the projector from power for a couple of minutes? If not, it’s worth trying. Try the same with the Fire Stick.

The one thing that I know will work is if you have an old remote in a cupboard somewhere - as long as it uses infrared, you can program the Amp to accept it.

Go to Settings » System » [name of room with Amp] » Enable IR and enable. Then Remote Control Setup on the same page to program the Amp.

Unfortunately, this means one more remote on your coffee table.

I hope this helps.