Epson EF-11, Macbook and sonos arc

  • 21 September 2021
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i noticed that already a lot of people ask this question but I have to know for sure because it costs a fortune.

I have an Epson EF-11 projector. As an external visual source I use my MacBook. I am aware that my projector does not have HDMI arc or earc so it can’t be connected to an Sonos arc. But is there someway I could connect it to my projector and experience the whole Dolby atmos stuff? Is it possible, in this particular case, with HDfury arcana?

thanks for all the answers😊


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3 replies

Assuming the content the Mac is sending is in Atmos, yes. It will reflect pretty much anything sent to it. It will not create a codec where one doesn’t exist, so you can’t send the Arcana a stereo signal, and expect an Atmos signal to be generated and sent to the Arc.

Yes, the HD Fury Arcana can take an HDMI signal from a device, and use that input to create an eARC output that the Sonos Arc will play.


So that means it would work? And it would create The Dolby Atmos experience too?