Echo with music and tv

  • 17 October 2019
  • 3 replies

Hi guys,


I own a sonos setup since 2 weeks now. 

Everything worked great until begin of this week. 
We experience a echo with speech, this is with music and tv. Verry annoying. 


I can temporary fix it by disableing the surround speaker, or remove them, en add them again. 

But this only works voor a couple of hours, if i'm lucky, 


What can cause the problem? 


My setup is:

  • Playbar
  • Sub
  • and two Play one as surround

I really love the sound that the set is producing, but now i get really irritated with the current problem. 


I have to add that our provider is Ziggo, dont know if this is the problem. But i read a lot of problems with Sonos en Ziggo combined. How ever, it seems that the problem i have, is not related to Ziggo, atleast, that is my assumption. 


Eveything is connected true WiFi, including the Playbar. 

Could the sollution be to connect the Playbar with a utp cable?

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3 replies

I have the same problem.  Set up is a couple years old and just started.  Other areas in the house don’t do it.  Answer?

Same hardware set up. Have reset it which temporarily sorts it. Echo occurs with Deezer and tunein radio but doesn’t appear to happen with TV.

i can see there are a few issues with this occurring but no answers as yet. 

I have the same setup and have only echo after 15 a 30 min, 

When I stop and play again the echo is gone, for a while.


Is there still no solution fot this problem after 1½ month?