DVD player/playbar connection

  • 11 July 2017
  • 2 replies

I have a playbar and a projector. I don't own a TV or amplifier. So far I've just been using my computer for everything with the rest of my Sonos speakers and no Playbar. I want to stop using my computer and get a dedicated DVD player. I'm looking just to connect the Playbar directly to a DVD player but the only DVD players I can find with an Optical out are $300+. Every DVD player use to have one, now nothing! I don't need Blueray, 4K or 3D, just super basic. I know they're out there; I just can't figure one out. Any suggestions?!

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2 replies

I know you said you want just the basic DVD, but have you tried looking at Bluray players? They should be backwards compatible. And you probably can find one that has an optical out for less than the $300 you claim for DVD players.

I do find it odd that the DVD players seem to be dropping optical out.
So I have the same setup, a projector and a playbar. I use an Xbox One as my device hooked to both (Optical out to playbar, HDMI to projector). Xbox One can stream most services as well as play DVDs and Blu Rays, and of course plays games. I've been using this set up for over a year and it works great. Xbox one even has some settings you can change to translate the Surround sound to the format that Sonos likes.