dts to dolby blu ray player

  • 21 December 2019
  • 6 replies

I know this been asked before but many replies are out of date, what current blu ray players can re encode dts to dolby 5.1. Many Samsungs do I believe but which models you can buy new now will do it. Thank you

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6 replies

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All Xbox One models can do this.

I have an Oppo UDP-203 hooked up to my Panasonic TC-P60GT50-2 plasma TV with the HDMI cable (ARC). Since I always get sound out of my Playbar, does that mean my Oppo is doing the conversion? 

Since Samsung pulled out of the market I am not sure you are going to get a decent answer to this question. Sure, the Xbox evangelicals will try and convince you to buy a games console despite that not being what you are looking for.


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Our Samsung BDH650 does, also passes Netflix etc in 5.1.

My plan is to buy the lastest Samsung I can with 3d and 4k, might be forced into 2nd hand teritory though?.

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We have a One-S under the TV as well but I prefer a "proper" Blueray with HDMI-CEC etc.

When you buy one post up what you bought please.

Well, I solved my problem. I discovered that my Oppo converts DTS to Dolby 5.1, but my TV doesn’t pass it through. So, I just bought an optical splitter ($20) so I could connect my Blu-ray player and my Dish Hopper in and out to the Playbar. Sounds pretty good.