DTS, Dolby 5.1 on Playbar, 2015 edition!

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Hi jgatie, I thought the whole sonos brand and product usp is built around effortless usability, high quality audio and bringing all music to your room. The playbar combined with pair of play 1's and a sub is being marketed as a 5.1. If the playbar only has optical input and the optical does not support DTS and therefore can't produce 5.1 then that seems poor for a combined price of £1500.
Sonos has explained a dozen times already. The Playbar was designed to connect to an optical out on a TV, the vast majority of which do not pass DTS. If you wish to use Sonos in a full-blown home theater, the best solution is to get a Connect and a receiver based full-blown home theater.

And just to reiterate; Sonos has definitively stated they are NOT going to support DTS playback on the Playbar. I believe you should take them at their word.
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I am looking to invest further in sonos, but this stubborn approach over DTS is worrying me. Why won't you (Sonos) enable DTS format? At least explain why you won't.
Thanks Evander, the most useful post I have read on the topic! This is mainly because I have this exact TV model and couldn't work out the audio output.

So can I ask you, does the LG output Dolby Digital 5.1 from the optical out? So if all I'm concerned about is Netflix, then I don't need any other accessories? - I just connect an audio lead direct to the Playbar etc and we get true 5.1? Or are you saying that you HAVE to buy the Portta HDMI converter to get that 5.1 output through optical if I have say, Netflix on my TV?

Basically, I just want to check was the Portta essential for the 5.1 from any source, or was the only reason you got that, because you have your BD player and multiple sources. Thanks so much!
Same problem here.... I have a PS4, a Nvidia Shield TV and a Freebox Revolution (French ASDL TV box).... I still need to choose a new TV but i assume very few of them will decode DTS => DD 5.1 on the optical output.

So i was wondering if a good amplifier like a Pioneer LX 59 could not solve the problem : all HDMI sources on the Pioneer, HDMI out on TV just for the picture and all the sound output on the optical cable with a DD 5.1 conversion.

What do you think ?
Thank you for the updated information on converting a DTS 5.1 signal!
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i bought this on on amazon.it. They shipped it from California, so I assume you will find it in many Amazon http://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B00BB0GY1C?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00

Which switch did you buy for the Samsung? I have multiple sources (e.g., ATV, X1, Uverse, etc) I need to consider with my new UHD 4K.
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With Samsung latest TV Dolby digital 51 is available on the optical out only if the TV is playing it from an antenna signal or from a smart app. A 5.1 Dolby digital signal arriving to the TV from an hdmi source will have a digital output in 2.0.

So, while using TV optical into the playbar I am having Dolby from a movie streamed with the TV app from my Nas , the satellite box goes to TV in 5.1 but reach the playbar as 2.0.

I had to buy an optical switch to play TV apps for TV to playbar and the satellite box directly to the playbar ......
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thanks for the info