• 20 October 2019
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I have gathered from information online that Sonos devices don’t support DTS.  But, my question is…  What exactly happens if you play a DTS file?  Is there no audio at all?  Or there is audio, but just not as high quality? Thank you in advance.

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3 replies

There is no audio at all. 

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My source will be an Intel NUC PC.   TV is Samsung 32” (I know small for everyone else, but due to tunnel vision, it’s the biggest I can handle).


Is this perhaps only an issue with the Playbar and Playbase?  Does the Beam have the limitation if used over HDMI?

Doesn’t matter what the source is. Sonos is incapable of interpreting the codec, hence there will be silence. 

However, using a PC as a source might give you more opportunity to change the sound output to the Dolby Digital codec that the Sonos can deal with.