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New product ($900) for television application with no HDMI? Get the fuck out of here. Who is running this company?!

Someone pretty senior at Blackberry and look how that went !
I’m patiently waiting on Sonus to offer something. I currently have a play 1 but have held off getting anything else because of this issue. I have a feeling I will be investing in Denon or Bluesound if Sonos does not adapt. I would be happy with simple acknowledgment that a product to address the issue is in the works.

Guys. If you read these threads listen to us. Don’t think someone can’t take your spot.
Praying to see SONOS announcing Atmos / DTS on CES this week!
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Sonos is dead in the Home Theater waters if they don't announce something this week.
Writing here as someone looking to purchase a soundbar. Would dearly love to consider a sonos but i just don't see a new playbar being on the horizon, which is a real shame.

Looking at the new sony and LG bars announced with dolby atmos rather than waiting for sonos indefinitely.
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I assume he must be saying 5 seperate speakers.
Just wanted to comment on the point made a couple months ago that if Sonos can handle 32 speakers in a system, then they would be able to handle a 7.1.4 system, or whatever it is. I don't think that's a great comparison though, as the standard wholehouse setup is a net, meaning each unit passes the stereo signal on to others without the original source having to make the connection to all the units in the group itself. It also is done over 2.4 GHz and has a nice buffer. The Home Theatre setup is different in that the playbar unit has to send the right channel of sound to the right speaker by itself. It's not a net, it's more of a master slave situation. It also has to be done at 5 GHz with no real buffer in order to keep the audio in sync with the video. So in order for a new playbar to do dolby atmos , it's got to be able to send around maybe 5- 12 separate signals to all the speakers in the atmos group, with not much buffer to work with. A lot more difficult.

Not to mention, are there going to be that many customers that want to buy that many speakers and have the ability to plug them in where they need to go. I realize that a lot of the channels can be built in to the soundbar, but it's still quite a bit.

Are you saying that the Sonos is using the 5 GHz wireless band? It only uses 2.4 GHz as far as I know.
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There may be some hope yet

A question about the Beam posed to a Sonos rep recently, the reply mentioned that the Product Manager at Sonos loves Atmos and would like to see it implemented in future products but they had no further announcement to make at this time
The new Beam speaker has an HDMI input so I am hoping that Dolby Atmos is going to be supported starting with the Beam.
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About DolbyAtmos and SOnos

Sonos talks Dolby Atmos, DTS, sound quality and Beam soundbar
Oversimplifying: Prior to Dolby Atmos all that Dolby did over and above 2-channel stereo sound was to add additional channels.
Dolby Atmos is different. It's a paradigm-shift. Also it's not just a trend I'd think. Who knows, maybe we'll be able to stream Dolby Atmos audio tracks at some stage? Recordings of classical orchestras would certainly sound very different.
The Beam falling short on Atmos support is not encouraging. Missing out on paradigm-shifts can be deadly for vendors. Just think of Nokia and Blackberry.
Being relatively new to Sonos and having read this thread, I just hope Sonos will not miss the boat here.
I disagree, a have Dolby Atmos built in to my phone (Razer), and it's mind blowing, the phone only has 2 front facing speakers so the amount of speakers is not a limitation.

The phone with its relatively puny speakers is able to to produce sound whereby it sounds like either a helicopter or an insect is actually behind your head or above or whatever.

I have only experienced Dolby Atmos on my phone (and the cinema but that's different) and it is the most incredible sound experience ever definitely the future of audio.

+1 from me for working out a way to support Dolby Atmos
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That would be using software to emulate and no different from the bars that give virtual surround. While it sounds better than stereo it is nowhere near the real thing. Sonos have themselves stated that they wouldn’t do it just for the sake of adding it, they would want to do it right. Even the most expensive sound bars that have Atmos, plus the upfiring speakers, are heavily reliant on the room it’s placed in and how it can bounce the sound. You really need in ceiling speakers to have true Atmos.
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apparently there is a survey being pushed out for Atmos:
I think you missed some key words...."to gauge interest in"....
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The new Playbase should have integrated Atmos, not reinvent the Bose soundwave. I had hoped the announcement would for Amazon Echo integration. Denon & Marantz, Yamaha, and Defintive will beat Sonos to Amazon integration. Once that happens their edge is gone. Yamaha does have an Atmos soundbar which sounds very good. It's baffling.
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Ryan S...can you share if this is, at least, being actively addressed?

Officially, Netflix is rolling out Atmos support, now via Xbox One, Xbox One S and 2017 LG OLEDs.

Per the Netflix Press Release, "Over time, we plan to add support to more devices, making the experience more accessible to Netflix members everywhere."

This is the future of streaming. Please offer some feedback.
Why did the new Playbase not integrate Dolby Atmos?
Note that Sky has now activated atoms on skyQ boxes. This is now a mainstream technology. Sonos needs to catch up with this or else my planned purchase of a play base is going elsewhere. With multiple home treaters systems on Sonos, this is frustrating.
Sky is also now supporting Dolby Atmos - and releasing its own sound bar later this year. Seems as if I’ll have to consider a Sonos alternative for video/TV. Seems a shame but there is no indication that Sonos is interested in supporting it.
Sky is also now supporting Dolby Atmos - and releasing its own sound bar later this year. [...]
Methinks the soundbox won't turn out to be a wireless one. Dolby Atmos & Wireless = Wishful thinking.

Seems like Atmos is omitted...
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I'd love to have an engineer weigh in on how much bandwidth there is available, and how much a fully saturated 7.1.4 sound system would take.

Well, it is not a problem for Sonos as we know it supports up to X speakers for multi room setup and 7.1.4 is basically the same. If the format is processed by soundbar than it is correctly distributed across speakers. The b/g wifi can go up to 54mb/s and it is more than enough for any format
I guess you're contending that the 32 device limit on the Sonos stream would cover all of the needs for Atmos, which I suppose is indeed possible. Hadn't thought of it in that fashion, but then with two TVs, and needing 12 speakers for each, I'd be pretty close to the limit of devices, which would cut down on my music only speakers. Interesting problem.
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Anyway, you always can choose, either you go with 1 soundbar and 32 devices or you can have 2 soundbars, 2 wifi routers and have 64:) I would say the majority of people who want Dolby Atmos will accept this kind of limitation
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Dolby Atmos is not a codec, but an immersive audio format, which can be delivered with Dolby TrueHD codec and DD+(

Amazing link, thankyou!