disruption from TV audio

  • 1 December 2016
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I have a sound bar + sub setup for my TV. Its been working fine for a while, however lately, more and more often i've been getting corrupted audio from it. For example, I would be watching a youtube video and sound would start cutting up, skipping, and stopping all together.

This would stop after a few seconds or minutes randomly. My original theory is that this would have something to do with the audio cable, however it has also started to happen when i play music directly from spotify on my phone.

I also have it plugged into ethernet so i don't believe is wifi connection issue.

Thanks in advanced for any thoughts.

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3 replies

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HI Ochen,

Welcome to the Sonos community,

First try a full system reboot. Shut of everything on your network. Bring the router back up and then everything else.

If that does not work, submit a diagnostic and post the number here

Hope that helps.
Tried restarting the router, still experiencing similar issues.

Submitted diagnostic number 6811380

Unfortunately, just restarting the router wouldn't actually fix any duplicate IP issues, which CapnLes was implying. You'd have to also shut down all devices that connect to the router at the same time, as they keep the current IP until forced to get a new one, which is where the power down and reboot comes in.

That being said, I think you're on your way with the posting of the diagnostic. Likely someone from Sonos will be along shortly and be able to give you a much more insightful analysis of what they see in the diagnostic.