digital optical output

  • 21 August 2019
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My tv has digital audio output but not optical. Is there an adapter I can use. I don’t want to get a new tv

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6 replies

Something like this:


My Samsung TV UN46C7100 has a digital audio (optical) output but it does not have the same tip as the cable that came with the play ase so I purchased an adapter but it is not working. Anyone have any suggestions?


That tip should work, I think. Double check the audio settings for the TV, and any devices that feed the TV to ensure they’re sending a Dolby Digital stream only. Other codecs can not be interpreted by Sonos.n

When I attempt to change the SPDIF output “Dolby Digital” is greyed out and I cannot select. So I am assuming I need some type of converter to change the SPDIF output to Dolby digital in order to hear the sound coming from my TV through the playbase? 

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Not “sound” as such. You wil probably get stereo if DD greyed out.

And it’s likely that the “show” you had on at the time was in stereo. That would explain Dolby Digital being grayed out. Well, or the source device not sending a Dolby Digital signal either.