Denon AVR-485 with Connect - sound cuts out

  • 1 November 2019
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I have an older Denon AVR-485 (probably 20 years or more) receiver connected to a Connect (also “old” - from the early generations of Sonos).  The problem I have is when I play from that Connect into the receiver.  The music will start but on a regular basis, it will cut out (usually within 10-20 seconds).  Sometimes it will go back-and-forth.  Sometimes it will stop playing entirely.  

The Sonos app shows that music is playing.  And if I group a couple rooms, music will continue playing in the other rooms.  I have even swapped Sonos Connect devices - I get the same effect on the receiver.  The other room plays fine with the Connect, but the room with my Denon cuts out.   

I’m connected via the analog out cables into the receiver.  It doesn’t seem to matter which receiver input I use (I’ve just switched again, and get the same effect).  I’ve tried changing the line out from Variable, to Fixed, to Pass Through - all with the same effect.  The one “difference” with this unit location is that it has been the base station for my Sonos.  I have it connected directly to my router via ethernet cable.  The other Sonos units are all using wireless.  

This seems to suggest that the problem is the Denon AVR-485.  The thing is, I also have our TV and DVD player connected.  And have had other devices connected to the receiver as well in the past (different CD players, DVD players, DVR, VCR, tape deck, etc).  None of these have ever demonstrated an issue with the sound dropping.  

Any suggestions on changing settings in the Sonos or the Denon?  

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4 replies

If the Connect (it could be an older ZP90/80 by the sound of things) is wired to the network that eliminates wireless as a cause. Have you tested another source into the same input on the Denon to verify that the input is good? 

What happens if you wire the Connect to a digital input on the Denon? It’s been known for the analog output stage on an older Connect/ZP90/ZP80 to fail.


I do indeed have the older ZP Connect.  I have never looked, but the Denon has an option for Coax inputs (I’m using the IR Digital for my DVD player).  And…  IT WORKS!   

I had switched the analog input position several times - always with the same result.  (Even swapped RCA cables a few times.)  I take it the issue is that the audio coming from Sonos isn’t compatible with what the receiver expects?  

If connecting the player via digital works, but connecting via analog -- to a known-good input on the Denon (i.e. verified using another source) -- doesn’t, then it suggests that the ZP’s analog output stage has indeed failed. That wouldn’t be incompatibility; it would be a hardware fault in the ZP.

You could then either continue to connect the player digitally, or else get a cheap DAC to go between the ZP’s digital output and the Denon’s analog input.

Hello, new user here, wanna ask. I have Sonos Connect, one SL, and beam, and have completely set it up as a wireless sound system. Also I have my old home theater system. I have tried to use my wired speaker as the output and stream from my Sonos and it's worked (output from sonos goes to input on the amplifier). But here is my question can I use my amplifier as the master volume (not from the phone's sonos apps)? Does it need a compatible amplifier? as information, my amp is Denon AVRX 250BT.

ps: forgive my bad english, bcause thats not my primary language :)