Delay when grouping songs surround setup with songs stereo pair

  • 26 November 2016
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Hello everyone,

first off: I do not have the setup in question running (I only have the surround setup), so my questions are based upon internet research only.

I am thinking of experimenting with stereo pairs in addition to my surround setup (playbar + 2 play:1 (sub incoming)) - For me there just could be more coming from the front left and right.

As far as I understood, the only way to achieve this is to group the surround setup with the stereo pair group. The reported downside is an out-of-sync between playbar and the stereo pair - which would probably be a deal breaker.

My question is concerned with the idea of using ethernet cable to reduce/eliminate that delay. Does the connection type play a role in the delay? it seems to make a difference between the 5Ghz (requirement for surround setup) and the 2,4Ghz. So would hooking up everything to a low-latency gigabit switch help with this setup and reduce the delay or is the delay caused by something else (e.g. routing through boost for the stereo pair while the rest is handle by the playbar directly)?

Hope that makes sense to you guys. If not call me on it and I will answer your questions as good as I can.


P.S: Great autocorrect changed sonos to songs in the title. Didn't find a way to change it ...

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1 reply

Does the connection type play a role in the delay?
None whatsoever. The 70ms buffering allowance is the same.