Delay sound with Karaoke system Et23 KH

  • 11 May 2016
  • 1 reply

Hi every one , i really need help. I recently bought a smart TV and sonos playbar and subwoofer. I've tried to connected to my karaoke system using HDMI cable. It work, but then the microphone sound its delay? Does anyone know why? I called the Microphone company and she said that i need the surround system or something like Play 5, as the sound bar its not mend for karaoke. Do you think this will fix the problem?? Please Help ....

Thank you so much

1 reply

Sonos is not really suitable for this type of application. As a network-based system there's a built-in delay to allow for multi-room synchronization.

For PLAYBAR this delay is 30ms, which is usually low enough not to offend people watching TV. For other players it's 70ms.

There's some explanation here.