Dear Playbase Owners - Does Your Stereo Balance Lean Right on Music?

  • 10 April 2017
  • 5 replies

I just purchased a Playbase and am impressed with the product. However, I have noticed an oddity about the stereo balance of my unit, particularly when listening to music.

There is a bias for the "center" of the sound to be just right of center. Meaning that lead instruments and vocals always appear on the soundstage to the right of the logo. It happens across a number of songs, many of which I'm familiar with and know to sound more centered. I've tried it with TruePlay off and on, and reset my controller and factory reset my unit itself.

Is this due to the design of the Playbase (perhaps some trade-off made with the woofer) or is something else on my unit blown and affecting stereo balance?

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5 replies

Well, I figured it out! I had a random thought, and so brought out a soft towel and put the Playbase upside down. The soundstage positioning remained! I don't have any walls that are close by but the right side is closer to a wall by about 2-3 feet. So it's really due to the acoustics of my room.

It just highlights just how much the acoustics of a room play a role in the way your music sounds...
I have the same problem. Is there anything you can do to solve it?
Have you tried TruePlay? That might affect/help this.
Thanks for your reply. Yes,The sound improved after trueplay, but it's then that the off balance occurs . 😞
Interesting. I have not noticed this issue on either of my PLAYBARs.