DD 5.1 to Playbar on its own

  • 26 October 2016
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Is it advantageous to send 5.1 audio to the Playbar when it is on its own and not part of a 5.1 system? Does the Playbar process the 5.1 into a virtual surround sound, like it would with a stereo input, or does it output the 3.0 part of the 5.1 with a mix of the rest, or does it only output the 3.0 part of the 5.1?

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2 replies

Nothing is lost. The surround and LFE channels are downmixed into the 3 channels that the PLAYBAR delivers.
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I had the playbar on its own for a year before I bought surrounds and then the Sub. My experience was that DD5.1 sounded netter than a stereo audio track with improved separation and clearer vocals in the centre.

But really the biggest improvement is getting a sub and surrounds