Crackling sound through Beam - hardware or software?


Has anyone else had problems with the Beam when streaming music though either Apple Music or Spotify?

I noticed a problem when I first took delivery of the Beam that when streaming certain songs via Spotify there was an awful background cracking. I contacted Sonos support and they asked me send a video clip and diagnostics over, they were very helpful in arranging a replacement.  

However the replacement was delivered and still the crackling, I tried one certain song through Spotify and Apple Music and the cracking / popping was there in both. I tried playing the same track through my Bose Soundlink III speaker and the cracking could not be heard? Strangely if I play a YouTube video of the same song via my TV and Beam the crackling / popping is not there? is this a hardware or software issue?

I’m close to sending back for a full refund so any advice would be appreciated


Kind regards, Paul

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