Crackling Playbar

  • 6 February 2019
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Been experiencing crackling since I got my Sonos system last year. So very many forum topics/conversations/posts about this issue.

I use a Playbar, a Sub, 2x Ones.

I've tried new optical cables, swapping out TVs (between my Vizio and my LG), adjusting settings on all my devices to output to PCM (PS4 PRO, Switch, Tivo, etc--I'd prefer to stay with Dolby Digital). I've taken numerous diagnostics, had a couple calls with Sonos technicians (technician somewhat ascribed the problem to the different devices connected to the Playbar/funneled through the TV were switching between various audio outputs/codecs--I'd argue that handling and executing changing I/O codecs from various audio channels is exactly the default expectation of a consumer of Sonos/higher end audio equipment) and, finally, Sonos replaced my Playbar (I am yet to receive a confirmation that they received back my original Playbar, though it has been signed for at the return destination a couple weeks ago).

Using new Playbar and new optical cable the crackling PERSISTS.

I'm so disappointed!

When my Sonos system works, I'm pretty content/satisfied--but when it doesn't I feel terrible for wasting resources on a product that degrades my experience so much. Like I said in my earlier post, I have another Sonos setup in my bedroom using a Beam and 2x Play: 1s, which sounds pretty good, but I can't really use a Beam in my living room as I have some concerns about it being sufficient as well as some reservations about using the HDMI connection required by the Beam (I say no thanks to the included HDMI to optical dongle). I'm also not sold on the Playbase, but I might need to go that route if Sonos is unable to fix this PCM/Dolby audio codec issue through an update.

Will this ever be resolved?

It's widespread, very robustly documented (as evidenced by the volume of posts about this issue), persistent, repeatable, and this is a long known about issue. I feel like Sonos might be ignoring this issue on older hardware as they prep future releases--more so than they should be. This isn't a legacy product yet!!

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1 reply

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They replicated the issue and whent silence on me. I think the engineer made a mistake by tellling me this. he had the same issue with his set up. So won’t buy any Sonos product ever again. Be fair to your Custumer and say we can not solve it but to go silence is like a 6 year old.