Controlling SONOS playbar volume on Samsung J series

Is this possible? All the documentation I've found involves plugging in an IR cable / sensor, which this series does not support. I can't find an option for Universal Remote on the menu, which the previous Samsung TV did have.

The TV is a Samsung 32J5500 and the remote is a BN59-01198Q


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Hi a.desarriera,

I am not sure I fully understand the question? The Sonos PlayBar will work with most IR remotes. Does this remote have IR? If so you can pick most any TV code and use it to control the PlayBar. Once you have set up your TV for optical audio the PlayBar get the audio. You need to program the PlayBar to work with that TV code.

You can also control the volume of the PlayBar with any device that as the Sonos app on it. Free from Sonos.

In other words.
Set up your TV for audio out to the optical port
Pick a TV control code from the Unversal remote codes and program the remote for that TV
Next, tell the PlayBar to use that remote to control volume on the PlayBar.

Have a look here for more info

Hopes this helps

I'm having the same issue, did you end up resolving? Just purchased a Samsung UN60JU7100 and it has the slim remote (Model Code: BN59-01220E). I've tried everything, including the instructions on the other Samsung Smart Remote thread which seems to pertain only to the F & H Series TVs. I'm hellbent on getting this thing to work, please help!


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