Considering TCL 6 series TV

  • 17 January 2020
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Have a Sonos Soundbar, connected to my prior TV by optical audio cable.

Sifted through a bunch of the old topics on this, but highly considering this TV as its on sale at Costco for about $100 less than Best Buy/Amazon.  

These days it looks like it comes with the RC 280 Remote (Amazon Link).  

This appears to be an IR remote, not WiFi/Bluetooth, which seems like it should work fine.  

FYI, I previously had a 2013 Samsung LCD, for which I had to set to an ‘external speaker’ so my Samsung remote could control volume on my Sonos Soundbar.  Only annoyance was the TV would have a prompt come up when I would adjust volume saying “Your TV is set to have audio controlled by an external speaker”.  

I’m wondering even if the new Roku/TCL remotes default to Wifi/Bluetooth, wouldn’t my workaround with my prior TV work with this new one.  In other words, Bluetooth signal would go from remote > TV, set to have audio sent to external speaker?

EDIT: Also reading some rogue reviews that indicate a lilpsynch/lag on these TV’s when using an external soundbar.  Any thoughts here would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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