connecting Sonos Amp only to Tv and sonos speakers for streaming music videos on YouTube

  • 16 September 2020
  • 2 replies

Hi everyone!

I intend to use Sonos Amp to connect my SmartTV and use my Play:5 as a front speaker and my Play:1 as rear speaker.I do not intend to wire any speaker.This would be a temporary arrangement in my barbecue area ( for as long as the barbecue lasts). I do not intend to hard wire any speakers in the area. I would only be using for streaming music videos on YouTube. Is it possible?Would there be any syncing issues?What about sound quality?

2 replies

How do you intend to connect the Sonos Amp to your TV? What do you mean by the terms ‘front’ and ‘rear’ when you’re talking about your Sonos speakers? 

The Sonos Amp is designed to drive non Sonos speakers. If you connect it to your TV using the HDMI ARC port, it would then drive two non Sonos speakers as the front speakers, right and left, and use those two channels to create a ‘faux’ center channel. You can then bond two of the same Sonos speakers in the rear as surround speakers.

It is not designed to act as a gateway device between your TV and other Sonos speakers used in ‘front’. It does not have the ability to send a front center channel, or for that matter front right and left channels to Sonos speakers. 

Hi! Many thanks for your explanation! All I want is to use my existing Sonos speakers to listen to some music on YouTube but with a better audio quality than using Line in from Play:5 directly to TV. And I thought that Sonos Amp would enable me to do that.I guessI was wrong. Perhapsmy best option is to connect a Sonos Beam to TV and add my existing Sonos speakers, correct?