Connecting PLAYBASE with no Optical Audio Output port on TV

  • 13 September 2019
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Im looking to get a PLAYBASE, but unfortunately my TV does not have an optical audio output port. Ive been reading the discussions of other people with the same issue, but would like to double check I fully understand before going ahead and purchasing it. I only use chromecast and occasionally HDMI directly to my laptop, so from what I can gather, if I purchase an HDMI splitter with an optical audio output port, I will be able to solve this issue.

As I am in New Zealand and cannot purchase from Amazon without having to wait months for shipping and be charged exorbitant shipping fees and import taxes, I figured this may be my best option:

Would I have to plug in the chromecast and HDMI cord that I plug into my laptop into the 'input' ports, plug in another spare HDMI cable to the 'output' port, and then connect the optical audio cable from the PLAYBASE to the splitter?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice, I really appreciate it


Best answer by Airgetlam 13 September 2019, 02:01

Simply, yes. To all of your questions 😉
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2 replies

Simply, yes. To all of your questions 😉
I guess I have one caveat to throw at you. You’ll need to make sure that any of the devices that you’re feeding into that box will send a Dolby Digital or stereo signal though the HDMI.. The Sonos can’t interpret Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, Dolby Atmos, or any other random audio codec. Only Dolby Digital and stereo.

And that is set at the source device, not on the switch. So the audio settings on your chromecast device and your computer.