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I've just bought a Connect and am trying to get it working with the optical cable through an Arcam AV amp. There are only two optical inputs on the amp 'AV' and 'STB'. I've tried connecting it to the AV and have gone through the menus on the amp to switch the audio input to 'Digital', the other choices bring HDMI or Analogue, but can't get any sound through.

I have the connection to Sonos and it appears on my iPhone app and tracks do play but no sound.

Could I be missing something here?


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You might have more success finding some with experience with your amp on
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Thx, will try.
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It turns out the AV optical I put expects some sort of Dolby signal and do didn't recognise the Sonos output. The other optical input is for the STB and this one works fine!!


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