Connect both tv and projector to Sonos Beam

  • 6 June 2019
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Hi everyone!
I have connected Beam to my tv through HDMI ARC. Works fine. I use the built in tv decoder for tv signals and Chromecast connected through HDMI in on the tv.

I also want to connect my projector. The projector will have its own Chromecast connected through HDMI in. I want to have DD 5.1 surround to the Beam, so the analog audio output on the projector can't be used. So i need some audio extraction device of some kind.
It would be best if both the tv and projector are connected to Beam without the need to physically change cables when switching between hjem.

Anyone have a good solution for this? I have thought of HDMI switch with 2 HDMI output, but I need audio from the built in tv decoder also.

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