Combining player with Connect or Connect Amp

  • 18 November 2016
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Hello. In our new home we have two rear and one front center speakers built in the ceiling. Does anyone know if/how I can combine those with the PlayBar, either through a ConnectAmp (which I already have) or a Connect in combination with my Receiver/Amplifier? (I am familiar with the traditional PayBar/Play3/Surround set up for 5.1 but for this room I'd like to leverage existing equipment). Thanks!

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2 replies

Hi. You can't incorporate the front centre speaker in any useful way. You could use a Connect:Amp to drive the rear speakers in a 5.0 or 5.1 setup with the Playbar. To use the Connect:Amp in this way you must either:

(i) Connect the Playbar and C:A to each other with an Ethernet cable AND have a Sonos component connected to you router by Ethernet (the PB, C:A or any other component would do) OR
(ii) Connect both the C:A and PB to your router by Ethernet

Personally I think ceiling speakers are suitable only for background music and you would do better to get a pair of Play:1s or Play:3s and not use the existing speakers just because they are there. Others on this forum may feel differently, I just happen to dislike ceiling speakers..

You cannot use the Connect + amp in a surround setup with the Playbar.
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Yea your choices are the Playbar as your fronts (and disregard the center in ceiling) and the rears connected to a Connect:Amp giving you 5.0


get a standard surround receiver and 2 wired front speakers, wire the center and the rears to it. Then use a Sonos Connect to the add Sonos sound to the receiver (and be able to play any sound receiver is playing to other sonos speakers in house).