Choppy TV audio from Sub and Sonos:1 speakers in surround with Playbase

I use a Playbase for TV audio and recently bought a Sub to pair alongside two Sonos:1s in a surround setup. But when the Sub and/or surrounds are enabled, the audio from those devices constantly cuts in and out - skipping once or more per second - in a way that makes it impossible to deal with.

The Playbase is hardwired via Ethernet to an extender (this the Verizon Fios latest model and so is my router). TV is an LG C8 2019 model connected to the Playbase via optical.

The issue occurs both on TV audio and while playing music, though it seems slightly less frequently with music.

When playing TV or music by itself without Sub or surrounds, the Playbase audio works fine with no skipping. 

Grateful for any help in figuring this out, since I will be forced to return the Sub otherwise and explore a different surround sound solution.  

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@petzet Sorry for the slow reply and welcome to the Sonos Community. I can see that you have started an email case with our agents and they will continue to assist you from there. Please feel free in the future to bring your questions and troubleshooting needs to us here in the Community.

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I wouldn’t be surprised to find it’s linked to bandwidth as the wireless components try to stay synchronised during 5.1 broadcasts. We have strong WiFi but still ran into issues with Sonos audio dropouts until I added a Boost. After that no more problems.