can you wirelessly connect the sounbar to the amp

I want to use in wall speakers with a amp and merge it with a soundbar and sub. The in wall speakers and amp would be used as the rear surround.

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Yes, the Sonos Amp ( but not the Sonos CONNECT:AMP ) can be wirelessly connected to any Sonos sound bar to provide the surround signal to a pair of third party speakers.

Good … so it will have a option to set up the amp with wired speakers as the rear surround speakers. Just go through the setup starting with the soundbar?

Yup. Both devices will communicate with each other on a 5Ghz channel, one that you normally won’t see, but they’ll be able to see each other. Just make sure you don’t turn off the wifi on either device. 

Note that, while you haven’t said anything about it, that the Amp turns off the Subwoofer output when set up to drive surround speakers. 

This might help you:

Setting up Amp or CONNECT:AMP as surround speakers

So this is the set up  … I am installing 6 Sonos amps 5 for reg Audio in multiple rooms … can’t do a traditional surround case of window placement and ceiling height so I am going to use the new arc and Sonos sub … I don’t want the Play 1 or 5’s to be the rest so I want to use wall mounted speakers with the amp to be my rear. I just wanted to make sure the amp could connect to the sound bar for the rear