Can't remove Sub from room

  • 16 July 2020
  • 3 replies

Hello.  Can someone please help me.

I want to move my sub to a different room but when I press the ‘X’ Remove Sub to remove it from the current room it says, “Removing your sub from the room. Please wait”.  and when it returns to the room screen the sub is still in the current room so I can’t “add” it to another room.  How do I force remove it from a room?

Thank you.

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3 replies

Hi. What types of Sonos device are in the other rooms?

Only a Play:5 in same room.  I can see that in the room just fine.

When you say the same room,  do you mean physical room or Sonos room?  I would have expected the system to behave as you describe only if there were no valid alternative Sonos room to which the Sub could be attached. (I am not sure I would expect it even then.,)

Also you haven't selected 'Disable WiFi' in the settings for the Play:5 have you?