Can't access apps on Sony smart TV after Playbar installation

  • 26 January 2017
  • 1 reply

I recently connected the Sonos Playbar to my Sony Smart TV and, after installing it, I can no longer access the apps on the TV. I get a message from the tv that says 'Please Wait And Try Again Later'. Has anyone experienced this before?

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1 reply

It would be hard to believe that it has anything to do with the Sonos being connected. The Sonos just connects to an output of light. There's no "talk back" that sends any information to the TV in that process, it's all one way (from TV to Playbar).

I'd recommend rebooting the TV. By which I mean, unplug it, wait 5 minutes for the set to lose all power, then plug it back in. I'd think that might fix it. If it doesn't, I'd recommend talking to Sony. Oh, if you felt the need, you could disconnect the TOSLink cable that goes to the Sonos, but I'd put money on it not affecting anything at all.