Buzzing after adding Connect

  • 7 October 2016
  • 3 replies

I recently added a Connect to my set up.
I have a Playbar , Sub and two Play 1s. There is also a Play 3 in a different room.
Since adding the Connect I get a buzzing coming from the Playbar and Play 1s between songs.
If I am streaming and the Connect isn't turned on I have no buzz at all.
I have submitted a dianostic (6617669).
Any help would be very much appreciated

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3 replies

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Could be the wires you have used with the connect.
Are they good quality RCAs? keep them well clear of any power leads or sources of power which can cause interference as they are anologue and not digital signals. Try moving the connect further away, longer leads if needs be. Try connect in another room. Just ideas....
What do you have the Connect attached to?
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What do you have the Connect attached to?

That's a GOOD question...?? Without knowing what the OP is sourcing through the Connect it's a guessing game.:?