Bought a Playbar and Sub - should I return it ?

  • 19 September 2019
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After I moved to a new home, I don't have space to put big speakers around and run wires. Soundbar seems like an interesting concept. Reading all the good reviews of the sound quality of playbar, I went ahead and bought a Playbar along with the Sub but have been struggling to get DD5.1. I haven't bought the read surround yet (the One or One SL) but just trying to see if it will fit need first.

My TV is an old Panasonic Plasma (and I haven't found anything that I can replace with) and hence it doesn't pass 5.1 through Optical from external sources - though internal sources seems to be fine. Reading more on the forums, I realize that this is an issue for many - went ahead an bought a HDMI switch which can do EDID but it's really a pain to handle two devices just to do input switching - to make matters worse, the Comcast Xfinity X1 box doesn't switch off and hence even if I turn off the TV, the playbar keeps playing until I turn off the switch. Moreover, the Sonos ecosystem only supports DD5.1 and nothing beyond.

Question - in this day and age of Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, Dolby Vision does it even make sense to pursue with a Sonos system in 2019 ? A full surround Sonos system costs much more than the best of the best soundbar, like the Samsung HW-Q90R or a Nakamichi Shockwafe 9.2.4 - these are full surround systems, capable of a Atmos and DTS, cost less and should probably sound same or even better for immersive sound experience.

Anybody has experience comparing Sonos with these type systems ? What did you like better with Sonos ? What did you like better with others ?

I am very close to returning the Playbar and Sub unless someone can convince me there is a real value in using Sonos. Note, whatever I end up with I will not use the system to listen to music - for that, I have a dedicated 2-channel audiophile setup. This system is only for movies & games.

Thanks in advance.

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