Blue Ray and Playbar play Dolby 5.1

  • 8 April 2017
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I know this question has been asked before but I cant seems to be able to get the answer myself so hopefully someone can help me.
I bought a Tomsenn HDMI 1.4 Switch Switcher Box from amazon.

I can get my Comcast box to broadcast through the playbar in Dolby 5.1 when I switch to my DVD no matter what I do it plays in Stereo. My blue ray player is BD-J5700 by Samsung. Is there something that i am missing or should I get a new dvd player.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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3 replies

I'm assuming that your DVD player is connected to the same switch box, and that the switch box remains connected to the TV via HDMI.

You may need to go into the audio settings on the DVD player, and change it to lock it down to Dolby Digital. I'm not familiar with that particular player, but it sounds like it's set to PCM/Stereo, not Dolby Digital (or DTS, where you'd get no sound at all from the Playbar).
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Sean - I also just got the same Tomsenn HDMI switch. Worked well, but when I turn TV off and then On need to reboot the switch to get sound through playbase each time or hit the MUTE on the supplied remote. How do you have the switch set (ARC, PASS, etc)?
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Yeah, to get real surround sound the audio has to be DD5.1
The Samsung Blu-ray players like the K8500 have an option in the audio menu to downmix newer (lossless) audio formats to DD5.1 Hopefully your Samsung J5700 also has this option.
It was for this reason I bought the K8500.