Blu Ray player that converts to Dolby Digital 5.1

  • 24 March 2016
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56 replies

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What does the BF-H6500 sound like with the Playbar?, some reviews say the sound is a bit poor?.
Samsung BD-H6500 converts dts to Dolby 5.1. I’ve connected it to an optical splitter (CYP AUD-41) so that I can connect it directly to my Playbase. This is because my Samsung TV doesn’t pass the Dolby signal from the Samsung DVD player to the optical out. (However it does pass the Dolby signal from an Apple TV.) Unbelievable I know.
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I think most of the Samsung do Dolby bitstream convert I have h6500 and it works perfectly....also when released in the UK I will be getting the ubd-k8500 which is the ultra HD bluray and this will also convert to dts to Dolby 🙂
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Thanks a bunch Chris :-D

Your reply got me searching the newer Samsung models and I ender up buying the Samsung BD-J7500. Other Playbar users have recommended this as well. So I'm looking much forward to testing it, with my new Octava HDMI converter.

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The manual for this current Samsung model says it transcodes blu ray to DD

I just looked at this one as it is a less expensive one - I'm sure many of the others do too.
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This thread has recommended BluRay players.