Blemishes on White Playbase out of the box?

  • 12 April 2017
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Had an interesting experience today buying a white playbase. The first one I was going to buy had already been unboxed. The guy in the store was going to sell it for a discount. On inspecting it the white grill appeared to show the white speaker frame behind it very clearly in one part, as if the white plastic was more fused here than the rest of the grill.

The second unopened Playbase I eventually purchased has a very slight dark spot on the left hand side of the grill. One of those annoying blemishes that I know I'll forget about but feels a bit disappointing considering this is a premium piece of hardware.

Makes me wonder if full stop the white Playbases have a tendency out of the box to have imperfections here and there?

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3 replies

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Hi The7hil, that's terrible. We'll get you all sorted out. If you don't want to take that PLAYBASE to the place where you got it, give us a call on our support line and we'll get it replaced.

The PLAYBASE (both white and black) went through a lot of testing just on the finish and materials to find one that'd be scratch and blemish resistant, but life has a way of messing with the best of plans. We can help get that cleared up.
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Well I got my local store to replace my Playbase with a beautiful unblemished one. I was super happy. Then, a record two hours later, the replacement unit died. Can't believe it. Never had this issue with sonos products before. I've tried different power points. Nothing. All lights off and nobody's home 😞
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Thanks Ryan. Obviously the quickest option will be to go back to my local retailer who tell me they have another white one in stock. Hopefully third time lucky. Just such an unusual experience. I have almost the whole sonos range in my house. Never had any of this kind of hassle before. Cheers!