Best way to integrate sonos system with 5.1 wired home theater system?

  • 16 June 2019
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Hi all- I’ve been using Sonos products for a while and we’ve got a plethora of it all from Ones to 5’s to Beams and a connect:amp which powers outside speakers. We have 2 main uses, home theater and streaming music via our iPhones to any and all of the speakers depending on where we are around the house.

The big issue I’m now trying to solve is we just moved and our new house has both main living areas home theater setups with full speaker systems built into the walls/ceiling. It’s much larger system as the rooms are much larger. I need to get 2 AV receivers to power these rooms now but I’m confused on the best way to integrate Sonos with these systems.

My use case would be to be able to extend whatever we are watching on tv (receiver powered speakers) to some additional Sonos speakers like outside. The other use case is easily being able to stream pandora from iPhone to the main home theater and some Sonos speakers simultaneously. How should I go about that?

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1 reply

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The only thing I can suggest for getting Sonos sound to your AVR and AVR sound into Sonos is a Connect.

There may be sound delay issues with some configurations but I'm not sure just what they are.