Beam with Philips PUS6703

  • 5 October 2019
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Good Afternoon,

I've noticed on another thread comments that the beam with the pus6703 has the issue of the "sound disabled" popup when connected to the TV via HMDI-ARC. Can anyone with this model of TV confirm if this still remains an issue on the latest TV firmware and if there are workarounds other than using optical?

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2 replies

Using optical wouldn’t be an effective solution to this issue, your TV would still see the command via IR and pop up that warning, since you have turned off the TV’s speakers.

Some manufacturers have modified that behavior in later firmware releases for their TVs, but many people have found that programming their remotes to use IR codes from another brand of TV and retraining the Sonos to recognize that code resolve the issue, due to the fact the TV itself is no longer receiving valid IR codes.
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Thanks for your response, I was going to go the remote route but can confirm Philip's have rectified this behavior in the newer firmware and the volume control works a dream when connected via HDMI-ARC. No pop up messages at all.