Beam when turned off cuts, off optical output from Sony 55X850C TV.

  • 6 February 2019
  • 3 replies

I have my new Beam connected to my Sony 4K 55X850C TV with the HDMI ARC and find the output is very good on voices and general TV. When I turn Beam off say to use my audio system to play concerts from YouTube on the TV with the optical output going to the preamp, the optical signal cuts out. The only way I can get signal from the optical out of the TV is to lower the volume on the Beam to 0 and leave it on. I had a Sony HT-S100F soundbar connected through HDMIARC and when I turned that off, the TV optical out continued to transmit the signal. I can't find a setting in my Iphone X Sonos App to change that setting. I though it may be under room settings, but nothing allows me to turn the Beam Off whether through the App or speaker on/off switch without the TV optical cutting out.

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3 replies

Do you mean that you power the Beam off routinely? As with other network equipment, Sonos devices are designed to stay on; they go into a reduced power mode when idle. Regularly power cycling the unit is likely to reduce its lifespan.

As for your TV disabling its optical, you'd need to look in the TV's own settings. It's perhaps getting confused by the HDMI-CEC commands from the Beam, particularly if the Beam then vanishes. The Sonos controller app is clearly not going to be of assistance in a situation where the Beam is actually powered off.

I'd suggest you simply mute the Beam when playing through your audio system.
That’s a simple solution, as there is no crosstalk on my stereo system with the Beam on with the volume turned all the way down, I’ll try the mute button when I get home tonight and my app can connect. If the Beam has 0.5 watt idle current, that is not a power issue then. I didn’t know they are engineered to be on all the time.

In addition to the Beam, I also need to make sure the Sony speaker volume is also at zero as well so only the KEF 4’s are playing when listening to music, (old school towers).

Really happy how simple the Beam addresses TV broadcast audio. Watching news or SOTU the dialogue was outstanding, (better then through a center channel in a 5.1 system).
If the Beam has 0.5 watt idle current, that is not a power issue then.
It would also be pretty remarkable. The idle consumption listed here is up to 5.3 Watts (with the microphone on).