Beam vs playbar + Play1 vs one/sl or both + Sub

  • 28 November 2019
  • 1 reply

Hi Community need suggestions  as i am totally confused (lol)

I want Sonos 5.1 setup  Home theater 

1.I brought Play 1 (2 pack)

   *should I return these and get one/SL or connect play1+One+sub+beam/playbar

2.Getting sub for sure

3.Confused with playbar(sound,no airplay,no arc) and beam (features,less bass? )

if I am getting sub will beam be sufficient ?


After testing play 1 without airplay I realize I need airplay support :( 


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1 reply

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I would say, if you are getting the Sub, then the Beam is more than enough.

I have a Beam + 2x Play:1 and it is fantastic. I was planning to get the sub but I honestly don’t think I need it. At least not until the kids are older and won’t be woken up by the bass from us watching films in the evening. 

Personally my advice would be to keep the Play:1s and get a Beam. Then - if you feel you need more bass - get the sub later on. 

I’d only get the Playbar if I didn’t want to control my TV via Alexa and I was planing to never buy a sub.

Cheers J