Beam stopped emitting TV sound

  • 22 June 2019
  • 5 replies

Hi, i've had the Beam connected to my Sony TV for the last year with no problems but it has suddenly stopped putting TV sound out. The Sonos app is connected to TV and the TV is recognising the connection to the Beam in the Sync menu. When I use the TV remote to adjust the volume i can see the volume moving on the Sonos app but there's no sound coming through at all. I've been through the usual process of powering everything down, disconnecting, reconnecting then resyncing but the issue remains. Any ideas?

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5 replies

Did you unplug the TV from the wall?
Yeah, completely unplugged everything including the Beam, unsynced, resynced. Music plays fine and as i say tv remote moves the volume slider on the sonos app but with no sound.
OK, it wasn't clear from your original post, and that often corrects things that need a renewed HDMI-ARC handshake.

So, music is playing fine, which means there's nothing in the Sonos software/hardware for streaming that's an issue. I'd be looking at the TV set.

Perhaps try connecting it to your Beam with the optical cable as a test? Or if you have another TV, try connecting the Beam to it? Right now, you've got 3 variables. The TV set may not be sending a signal, the cable may be bad, or the HDMI-ARC port on the Sonos may be compromised. I'd be doing everything possible to reduce those variables, so that you can test each one of them individually.
Swapped out the HDMI cable and that seems to have sorted it. Didn't even think to try that as the connection was there. Many thanks!
You're welcome. And no, I can't particularly explain it, either. Other than perhaps a failure of one of the connections inside the cable, due to bending, or whatever. If it worked before, it would be odd to stop working. Normally, with a digital signal device, it either works, or it doesn't.

Anyway, glad it's working again.