Beam/Samsung QLED/Roku Stick Question

  • 19 April 2020
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I have a Sonos Beam and two One speakers, a Qled TV, and a Roku Stick in my bedroom. I enabled CEC on my TV. I used Sonos and setup by Beam and speakers for home theater. Now I get sound through TV speakers and a barely audible sound from my Beam. When I hit mute the Beam keeps playing sound. I tried to enable my speaker through the tv menu but it only lists Sylvania speakers. I have the player, sub and 2 series 3 speakers in my living room and have zero problems. Any help will be appreciated.

1 reply

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Hello @Craig_ ,

If your Beam is wired to the HDMI/ARC port on your TV and the CEC function is enabled, the TV should detect the external sound system on it’s own.

Are you able to submit a diagnostic report while your TV is on and this issue is occurring so that we can look into this issue with you?

Be sure to include the confirmation number in your reply.