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  • 21 November 2020
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I have a beam that recently started making a random tone sort of like a fast paced door bell.  It's been going on for weeks and seems to be getting more frequent. It happens when e-arc is on or off, while play tv through cable, netflix, and Amazon.  

Support diagnostic # 668266901

Thanks for any help!

6 replies

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Hi @Dirnium.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for reaching out to us and submitting a diagnostic. I understand your situation so let me help you out.

Based on the submitted diagnostic, The Sonos Beam is the only Sonos device functioning as your full home theater speaker (noSub and no surrounds) however, the Beam is receiving a Dolby Digital signal from the TV via the TV settings’ audio quality. I would like to recommend to try and change it from Dolby digital to PCM and try to observe if the issue would still persist. 

Please let me know how it goes. We are always here to help.


Thanks for the reply @Paul A .

I gave it a try, it's still making the tone regularly.  Any other suggestions?

Pure speculation on my part.

Are you watching Netflix and Amazon through the cable box or as a TV App? I’m thinking that the cable box or TV is notifying you about some sort of message. This message could be about a text, email, update reminder, alarm, or something else that I can’t imagine at the moment. I’ve seen some cable boxes that offer a power saving mode and if you don’t give them a command during the interval, they will shut down. ( greatly annoys me because one cannot watch a full length movie without a hassle, but it’s not my cable box and I should keep quiet) I can imagine some sort of warning tone might be issued in order to see if you are paying attention.

@buzz Thanks for the advice, it can't hurt to go through the menus and turn off messages and etc.


It does it while watching cable, Netflix, everything.  We've had the cable box for a year or so, the tv for  a year, netflix and Amazon for longer (honestly i can't remember how long). The tone started a few weeks ago. 


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I solved it by unplugging the power cord if the beam and restarting it.

Since then I had no problem.


I gave that a try. It didn't help but I appreciate the suggestion.  I'm pretty miffed at what can be causing this.