Beam and TV together

  • 12 September 2020
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Hi, I have a beam and have paired it to the new Sony Oled Tv which I was told you could play the tv sound and sounder together but there is an echo. Sony feel it won't work but someone suggested there may be a setting on the beam that can help? Anyone got any suggestions please? thanks

4 replies

I’m yet to see a soundbar that, by default, can play in sync with TV internal speakers. Usually the audio-out from the connected soundbar is slightly behind the TV output and there’s no way to speed that up that, although some may joke about using a flux capacitor, however some modern TV’s may have the ability to slightly delay their audio output - I think some LG TV’s have that ability.

Sonos HT products also have a delaying feature called ‘TV Dialog Sync’ in the Home Theatre device settings, but that’s normally useful for occasions when grouping the Sonos Home Theatre setup with ‘other’ Sonos Rooms that are physically in the same room as the TV.

In real terms, I would personally not want two different types of speaker playing the same audio anyway and would rather opt to choose either the one, or other, audio-out option, rather than both, as it will likely sound better anyway, just not quite as loud, perhaps?

Thanks Ken, I think you’re right, I just thought I’d have one last try! Cheers 

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I’m just curious why you interested in keeping both on?  I too have a Sony and a Beam (with two One’s for Surround).   

Hi, good question, when I was looking at the tv they said the speaker is the screen and that you can play the tv sound and sounder at the same time, thats why I was looking at it and thought the sound would be better. Seems that im better off through the sound bar only.