Beam and 2 Ones (w/Alexa) can't get 5.1 from Roku premier through 2018 Vizio P series

My set-up is a Beam and 2 Ones (w/Alexa) connected HDMI ARC (and tried CEC) to 2018 Vizio P series TV with Roku Premier + HDMI into TV. Vizio plays 5.1 on Beam set-up from built-in Vizio Prime and Netflix apps. Only get stereo output when playing Prime/Net Flix from the Roku. Spent a couple hours researching and trying different setting configurations. Made sure to power off and on so ARC could get a new hand shake, all firmware is up to date. If anyone has gotten Roku to pass 5.1 to the beam (through Vizo or other brand tv) please let me know your settings so I can try and duplicate.

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I don't have a Roku....and I don't think I'm going to buy one. I've seen nothing but posts from people about having trouble with getting them to send a Dolby Digital signal through to their TV. They seem to be Dolby Digital Plus only, or maybe DTS.

You may want to go to a Roku forum, and do some searching on how to get the Roku to send Dolby Digital only. Or contact the folks at Roku for instructions on how to set it up. I've never seen anyone come back to these forums with an explanation on how to do it.

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