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  • 22 July 2020
  • 3 replies

Using Beam and two Ones for 5.1 effect.

TV is Panasonic TX-50DX750B; DVD player is Panasonic DMP-UB900; hard drive player is Panasonic DMR-HW220.

I am connected with HDMI cables.

What audio settings should I apply to each of the above units in order to achieve a 5.1 surround sound effect without lip sync delay? 

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3 replies

Dolby Digital would be your only option for a 5.1 signal to the Beam. However, in order to use that .1, you’d also need a Sub, right now you’d only be using 5.0. 

Sonos can’t control the lip sync delay, if there is some, it would be caused by the software/hardware on your TV set. Your best bet is to ensure that the TV is updated with the latest available version of software put out for that model by Panasonic. Unfortunately, Sonos is not able to play the sound before the TV sends it to the Beam. 

Thanks Bruce

The audio settings options available on the TV, BluRay player and HDD player are PCM and Bitstream.

I’m led to believe that PCM will only support 2.1 or standard stereo and that Dolby Digital or 5.1 can only be transferred using bitstream.

If I set everything to PCM then the rear speakers don’t provide the surround effect but at best can be an extension of left and right channels. The good side is that audio and video are synchronized.

If I set all the units to bitstream then I get a really good surround sound effect but there is lag on audio which can’t be adjusted for on the Sonos app. I find there is enough bass on the Beam for my needs and that the cost of a sub would not be cost effective.

I have also tried replacing the HDMI cable with a TOSlink cable using the supplied adaptor but I find that volume control is not working from the remote (Vieira not enabled).

Looks as though the Sonos Beam isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

PCM would be, I believe, 2.0, and not 2.1. 

Yes, using the optical cable would stop HDMI CEC (Viera) from working, but you should be able to program the Beam to recognize the IR signal from the remote to operate the volume. 

As I indicated before, the lag is being caused by the electronics in your TV, and have nothing whatsoever to do with the Sonos. The simple fact remains that Sonos is incapable of playing a sound before it is sent to Sonos.

Panasonics are known, if you read these forums, to be troublesome. If you’ve updated the software running the TV, and checked with Panasonic support, there isn’t much that Sonos can due. However, not all is lost. You could, as several in the Home Theater area of this forum have done, choose to extract the sound from the HDMI stream before it hits the TV’s electronics, by using an HDMI switch box with an optical output. While you would lose sound from any ‘smart’ apps on the TV, anything coming in via HDMI would be sent out the optical connection to the Beam, without any of that delay you’re currently experiencing.