Audio chirping on Playbase when using passive optical switch (5.1 only)

  • 21 May 2020
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Recently I noticed middle pitched “chirps” when playing any 5.1 sources through the Playbase. After a bit of messing around I found the culprit to be a passive optical switch I was using to switch between the TV and PS3. When linked direct to the source device everything is fine.

It seems that an active switch is the way to go, which makes sense. Weirdly I’ve had the passive switch for a long time and the Playbase for about a year but only noticed this recently so either something has changed recently to make the Playbase more susceptible to noise, the switch has developed a fault, or I’m a bit deaf :thinking: Tested all the cables direct and they were fine.

Anyway, thought I should post in case anyone else had a similar issue and it might help. 

Before I get an active switch I was wondering if there is a device (at a reasonable price) which can combine the HDMI and Optical from the PS3 into a HDMI only to the TV. The TV is setup to send DD 5.1 to the Playbase but the PS3 only seems to be able to trans-code DTS to DD when using optical. I’ve messed about on the TV as well and as yet haven’t found a way for it to trans-code DTS to DD. 



1 reply

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Hello @GleannanIolair,

Thank you for reaching out with your question. Have you reached out to the Playstation folks to verify that there is no way to get the PS3 to output DD or PCM via HDMI?

Are you only gaming through your PS3 or are you streaming video content through there as well?

If your TV is set to output Dolby Digital through the optical port going to the Playbase, then it shouldn’t be necessary to look for additional settings there. 

I don’t have my system set up with a switch, perhaps someone who has something similar could offer an opinion.