Are there any Sonos Beam compatible HDMI/optical-in switches?

  • 7 May 2020
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My setup currently consists of a TV with HDMI ARC which is directly plugged in the Beam. All good so far.

However, I'd like to have Dolby Digital surround sound from my PC as well which can only be accomplished by using an optical cable from PC directly to the Beam (without going through the TV) using the included optical to HDMI converter. This works as well. However, I manually need to switch cables whenever I use my PC.

Is there any HDMI ARC/optical-in switch which is compatible with Sonos Beam? I've tried a regular HDMI switch which didn't work for both sources. Probably because regular HDMI switches aren't intended for ARC usage.

Thanks in advance.

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3 replies

This damn forum software didn’t show your post until just now, to me. 

I think if you search some place like Amazon, there are indeed switches that will take the HDMI ARC from your TV, and send it back to the switch, which would then send it to the Beam via optical. 

I haven’t seen any switches that will create the HDMI ARC signal themselves, or for that matter, an eARC signal. 

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I guess I’ll just get another HDMI switch which specifically mentions ARC. If that won’t work then I’ll reply here.


Thanks for your time.

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I don’t quite understand your specific needs but I bought this product.  And it’s working great for me.  The J-Tech company has all kinds of switches.  Check them out.

I specifically bought this to resolve the audio delay problem from my Samsung TV HDMI Arc.  I have a Xfinity X1 DVR box.  It has both Optical audio and HDMI output.  So I ran the HDMI directly to the TV and the Optical to the JTech and then out to the TV.  The reason for the switch is so that I can also run the TV Apps out through the Optical into the JTech switch.   Then I choose which JTech input is output to the Beam.  I use the Optical to HDMI adapter that came with the Beam.  The sound is great.  I also have two One’s being used for surround sound.