Arc's 4 far field microphones

  • 21 January 2021
  • 2 replies

I am aware of the single assistant mic at the top of the Arc that lights up if and when in use.

Assuming these are behind the speaker grill on the front baffle but precisely where are these four mics? 

Are they used for anything outside of the Trueplay set up? 

Are they ever listening (in any capacity) during normal use or in sleep? 

Is the mic at the top used during Trueplay or can that mic be covered up? (for the non SL/assistant users)


I hope for clarification, reviews and Sonos documentation doesn’t give specifics. Thanks!

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2 replies

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I wonder if the four mics are located across the top of the Arc?


The mics on Sonos products are not used for trueplay tuning with the exception of the Sonos Move, which has an auto trueplay version.  All Sonos mics are used for voice assistants, if you chose to set it up.  Even after setup, you can manually turn off the mic on the speaker by pressing the mic icon.  The switch is hardwired and can’t be overridden by software.


As far as the location of the mics on the Arc, I don’t know.