ARC , looking to replace Playbar

  • 15 December 2021
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I have had my Sonos for a few years, works very well with my 1 yr. old LG OLED TV. Model CX PUA. I use the optical audio , am sure it has HDMI eArc and  Dolby Atmos.  

I would think I could leave  the Gen 1’s and sub without upgrading the whole system?  Thoughts?




2 replies

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What exactly do you mean by “Gen 1s”? Are you currently using the “Gen 1s” as surrounds with the Playbar?

If you are using a pair of Play:1s as surrounds, then yes, you can use the Sub and Play:1s with the Arc. But if you are currently using the Sonos S1 app, you will need to upgrade to the S2 app because the Arc is only compatible with S2.

I also noticed you have a Play:5 (Gen 1) in your profile. The Play:5 (Gen 1) cannot be used on S2.

Read more about S2 compatibility here:

Some further clarification:

The 2 Sonos 1”s are not part of a Home Theater system; 1 outside and other in office.

I have the Sonos 2 app on my phone.  We usually use Alexa voice to play music or select service from phone or I pad.

I was thinking of giving my son the Playbar and sub and I would order new Arc, Sub and mounting bracket. 

Hopefully the install is easy.

Thanks You