arc lg tv 2019

  • 14 May 2020
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i have a tv lg 2019 hdmi only arc do you think the contents of netflix, disney + and prime in atmos will work? or will they be converted to DD +? the tv is capable of decoding the DTS on the soundbar arc as it will behave thanks


2 replies

For that you need to contact the TV manufacturer.  The Arc will decode DD+ with Atmos over ARC and TrueHD or Dolby MAT with Atmos over eARC.  However, for the full chain to carry Atmos, the TV needs to be able to pass-thru Atmos, and the source needs to be able to send Atmos.  

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The audio codecs listed thyere are what the TV’s internal speakers can play, it’s not relavant to wehat it can pass through