Arc higher treble on left / vocals pan left

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I know this isn't the first discussion about this, but I'm hoping I can get some fresh ideas. Ever since I purchased Arc I've had vocals pan to the left. TruePlay on/off and about a million placement/angle/seating changes to try and balance this out, to no avail. I know the center portion of the Arc has a tweeter on the left-center position instead of dead center. Is this the issue and as such can't be fixed? I assume this isn't a big issue if you sit far away but I sit around 7.2ft from Arc, can't move back or want to. I will mention that I have two walls in close proximity to the Arc. The left side speaker has a wall to bounce off about 1m closer than the right side. I remember from Beam that could make a difference. I am thinking of getting an extra fridge (regardless) which can act as a reflection surface on the right side, evening things out. Could this fix the entire issue or is it just the weird center tweeter location? 


is anyone suffering from the same thing? Maybe has a tip how to overcome this? 

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Can't do that as my room is not open space, on the right and left hand side I have a bathroom and a kitchen that obstruct the listening environment, making my actual listening space quite narrow. Thats why I dont get any surround effect with the Arc alone. 

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If you center the Arc in between the two walls, do you still hear the imbalance?

I’m not hearing the issue with my Sonos Arc. When centred and close-up, the vocals/centre channel seem in the centre to me and have the affect of being positioned at a sweet-spot… so sound is between the ears… I don’t need to move left or right from the Sonos logo or play/pause button. That’s the case for me whilst toggling on/off trueplay

Could it be that your speaker has a fault? Have you contacted Sonos Support to ask them to check your device with a system diagnostic? ...but perhaps before that maybe ask any others in your Household to see if they can also hear the audio imbalance?