ARC compatability with a Sony receiver and Sonos in ceiling speakers

Simple question about ARC: We have multiple devices (TV, XBox, BluRay, Nintendo switch) that currently input into a Sony receiver.  Does ARC connect via wire to that receiver or must it be a Bluetooth connection?


Will ARC work with 2 rear in-ceiling Sonos receivers?



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It’s unlikely your receiver generates an ARC signal for the Arc to receive. It’s more likely it receives an ARC signal from your TV, and can pass that along to a connected device, but you’d need to double check your receiver’s manual.

The Arc does not receive Bluetooth.

Sonos doesn’t make in ceiling speakers. Do you have PLAY:1s or Sonos Ones in your ceiling, or something else? And what drives these speakers? For instance, if they are driven by a Sonos Amp, then yes, they would work with the Arc. 

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If the Sony is a receiver, I assume there are speakers connected to it?


Receivers typically drive passive speakers. The Arc is an active speakers with its own powered amplifier. It is not intended to be connected to a receiver but directly to the TV and then your various devices, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles etc. are connected to the tv. 

If you already have in-ceiling rears, you can buy a Sonos Amp and then connect that to the Arc and use the in-ceilings as rear speakers for the Arc. That is the only way of getting non-Sonos speakers to work as rear-channels for the Arc. Alternatively, you can use Sonos Ones or other matching speakers from the Sonos-lineup as rear-channels.